A UNIFORM is a particular fashion
or style that is worn by individuals engaged in the same order, service, or profession that gives them a distinctive appearance.

It is for that reason that Scrub Set Wholesale is honored to provide high-quality medical uniforms made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton at a price that is not only our way of saying thank you for your involvement in making a difference but to also express uniqueness and a sense of confidence.
At Scrub Set Wholesale there is a uniform for just about every personality. The various types of Uniform and Scrub Sets, whether it is our solid color unisex sets, our “best of both worlds” Contrast Trim sets all the way our flattering Mock Wrap uniform sets, Scrub Set Wholesale is here to help you look your best while you are giving your best.

At Scrub Set Wholesale also strive to provide you that final addition of professionalism whether it is our medical three-pocket jackets or our medical lab coats. Discount scrubs, lab coats, and clogs for medical professionals are what we know best. We try to ensure that our customers, whether they need to but wholesale scrubs or just a few at a time, have access to quality cheap scrubs in the sizes and styles they need.

Scrub Set Wholesale also knows that comfort is the #1 requirement when helping others. Our medical comfort clogs provide you the support and comfort to ensure that no matter the job field you work in, Scrub Set Wholesale is here to make you feel comfortable, confident and noticeable in your involvement in making a difference.

Scrub Set Wholesale would like to thank you for your business as well as your role in the work of caring for those in need.